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Pineapple Peach - Wellness Gummies

LiveWell is a suite of THC + CBG products scientifically formulated to enhance your everyday wellness routine.
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Dr. Norm’s fast-acting LiveWell Gummies contain the essential cannabinoids THC and CBG. Utilizing the many benefits of CBG, our scientifically-formulated Wellness  gummies are designed to enhance your everyday health & wellness routine.

a.  Reducing inflammation in the body. May be helpful with arthritis, Chrohn's and MS.

b. Relieving anxiety and depression, as well as improve mood.

c.  Relieving aches and pains by regulating pain perception.

d.  Protecting your neurological system. Can aid in the prevention of Alzheimers and Parkinsons,

e.  Cancer treatments and tumor growth.  CBG is known for its anti-tumor properties.

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