Say goodbye to sleepless nights

Dr. norm's sleepwell Products

Introducing Dr. Norm’s SleepWell.  A best-in-class, scientifically formulated suite of products designed to get you to sleep faster and to stay asleep longer.  

cannabis gummies for sleep

Sleep better with Dr. Norm's SleepWell Elderberry Gummies! A perfect blend of Nano THC, Nano CBN, and THC Extract for a restful sleep with the perfect remedy before bed.

Includes long-acting THC extract to help you stay asleep throughout the night.

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Cannabis sleepwell sleep vape

Multi-Cannabinoid Sleep Vape.
Say goodbye to Sleepless nights with our Advanced Formula Sleep Vape.  

Four sleep-inducing cannabinoids blended in perfect harmony provide you a simple and relaxing way to improve your sleep.  

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sleepwell brownie sleep bites

Sleep Bites are the ideal solution for lower dose consumers looking for a Better Night’s Sleep!

Scientifically formulated, our rapid-onset Sleep Bites are designed to get you to sleep faster, and stay asleep longer!

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