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cannabis Cookies

Best tasting cannabis-infused cookies
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Brownies & blondies

Delicious cannabis-infused brownies
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sleepwell products

Best cannabis gummies and vape for better sleep
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crispy rice Bars

Delectable cannabis-infused Rice Crispy Bars
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pineapple peach 1:1 thc & cbg gummies

LiveWell is a suite of THC + CBG products scientifically formulated to enhance your everyday wellness routine.

1:1 pineapple peach gummies
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cannabis products for sleep

Introducing Dr. Norm’s SleepWell.  A best-in-class, scientifically formulated suite of products designed to get you to sleep faster and to stay asleep longer.  

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Fast Acting Cannabis edibles

Faster acting and more potent. In fact, you should feel the effects of these products in as little as 15 minutes!

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Dr. Norm’s was founded in 2017 by the brother-sister team of Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson to honor their Dad, the real Dr. Norm and their mom Audrey – a pharmacist by profession, but a prolific baker by passion.

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