The Dr. Norm’s Story

Dr. Norm’s was founded in 2017 by the brother-sister team of Jeff Koz and Roberta Wilson to honor their Dad, the real Dr. Norm and their mom Audrey - a pharmacist by profession, but a
prolific baker by passion.

Our dad, Norman Koz, was an M.D. in Los Angeles for over 30 years. He was known for his personalized, old school patient care, something you don’t see too often these days. And our mom made these “legendary” chocolate chip cookies that were known far and wide.

Her cookies became her personal way of spreading joy to almost everyone she knew! If you happened to meet her and try one of her cookies, she’d have a plate of them for you the next time you saw her. She also kept a batch or two in her car for special emergencies!


Audrey’s legacy and started a traditional cookie company in her honor. Audrey’s cookies, as it was
known, started as a small online business, and grew into a successful operation with products
carried by Whole Foods, Sprouts, Stater Brothers, Costco and more.

How it all began

True Story. When meeting with Jeff going over some branding ideas for Audrey’s Cookies, Roberta
uttered the prescient words, “We should do weed cookies”! In her mind, she was 100% joking.
But, Jeff took her idea quite seriously and eventually convinced Roberta to give this a shot! It made
sense. Proposition 64 was on the upcoming California ballot to legalize cannabis, so the timing was perfect! It was from Roberta’s fateful utterance that the idea for Dr. Norm’s was born.

Dr. Norm represented trust, caring and family values - all things that we wanted our brand to
represent. So the name Dr. Norm’s stuck and our journey began!”

about dr. norm's

Dr. Norm’s is a well-known and well respected Los Angeles-based cannabis baked goods company. We are sold in close to 500 retail dispensaries and delivery services across California. Dr. Norm’s currently offers 20+ products including our flagship cookies (Audrey’s recipe was our debut product) in 5 flavors, 3 different dosages and 3 strains as well as gluten-free and vegan offerings.

From there, we branched out to Brownies and Salted Caramel Blondies, and again to Rice Krispy Treats in 3 amazing flavors. We continued to innovate and created the first and only nano-emulsified, fast-acting baked goods line in the state - with an onset time of 15 minutes!

After our success in the baked-goods category, we began creating medicinal products formulated to aid consumers with specific health issues. The first line is called SleepWell, which includes our Sleep Gummies, Sleep Vape and Sleep Bites.

We just released the debut product in our new LiveWell line, focused on the general health and wellness market, and In development is a product line formulated to help those suffering from chronic pain.

Dr. Norm’s was founded to honor the legacy of our parents and their lifetimes devoted to
healthcare. It was this legacy as well as Audrey’s magical cookies that inspired us to create
the Dr. Norm’s brand.


Dr. Norm Koz began practicing medicine in Los Angeles, CA - He was a highly regarded doctor who gave amazing care to his patients.
Audrey Koz began her career as a pharmacist in Los Angeles.  Together, they were dedicated health care professionals.
Jeff and roberta come into the picture, becoming childhood best friends.
Audrey was a PHENOMENAL baker - she baked her legendary chocolate chip cookies every day they became the symbol for her spreading love.
Dr. Norm passes away and with him that old school bedside manner of doctors that we long for today.
Audrey passes away and leaves a huge void in the universe for her world class chocolate chip cookies.
Roberta starts Audrey’s Cookies as a way to carry on her mother’s legacy of spreading love through cookies.  Initially a website only business.
Audrey’s Cookies launches in Whole Foods, Sprouts, Costco, Gelson’s, Bristol Farms and many more traditional grocery stores.
Prop 64 goes on ballot in CA to legalize recreational cannabis and it PASSES!

Roberta says to Jeff - “We should do WEED cookies!”
Jeff shuts down his music production company; Roberta shuts down Audrey’s Cookies and they go ALL IN on Dr. Norm’s.  Big year of R&D and market analysis to assess landscape of edibles in CA.  

They are now a family owned company that honors both their dad Dr. Norm and mom Audrey as health care professionals AND Audrey’s baking prowess.
Dr. Norm’s officially launched in CA and has 2 goals:  To TASTE GREAT and to BE PRECISELY AND ACCURATELY DOSED.

KNOW YOUR DOSE tag line was trademarked as a way to ensure that our customers would know that Dr. Norm’s was committed to providing consistent, reliable dosing every time.
Dr. Norm’s offers 5 flavors of great tasting cookies in 10mg and 100mg doses.  Later this year we launched our brownie line
We launched our line of Rice Krispy Treats - now our biggest selling line of products]
Launched our FAST ACTING - Nano line of products - Rapid onset of effects in as little as 15 minutes. The first fast acting nano cookie in California.
Add MAX version and second flavor Krispie to nano line.

Launch sleepwell.  First product Nano/Fast acting sleep gummy THC and CBN - first company to nanotize CBN.

Launch Sleep Vape.  First Vape in CA to feature l4 isolated cannabinoids in scientifically- based ratios.

When we started Dr. Norm’s, we envisioned a company that created a multitude of products appealing to a wide variety of folks.