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SleepWell Sleep Vape

Unwind with our SleepWell Sleep Vape - a scientific blend of 4 cannabinoids and botanical terpenes for immediate, potent relaxation. Sleek, rechargeable, and ready for dreamland!
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Introducing our SleepWell Sleep Vape.  One full gram of pure, isolated cannabinoids, scientifically formulated in optimal ratios to promote relaxation and balance, relieve stress and of course get you to sleep.  Our Sleep Vape is the only product of its  kind to combine 4 cannabinoids for optimal efficacy.

These include Distilled THC extract, CBN Isolate, CBG Isolate and CBD Isolate.  We add botanical terpenes which enhance the overall effects as well as provide a pleasant berry flavor.  This product contains no fillers or added ingredients - just the good stuff!

Because you inhale the pure cannabinoids, they begin to take effect almost immediately.  And you’ll be surprised by the potency!  You may need only a single inhalation to send you off to dreamland.  

The Sleep Vape’s hardware and technology are second to none.  Some of its features include multiple heat settings and a pre-heat function to create a silky smooth draw.  It has a beautiful, sleek design and is rechargeable and disposable.  

Our SleepWell Sleep Vape is an all natural, rapid and effective way for you to solve your sleep challenges once and for all!

*Contains approximately 55% THC, 20% CBN, 10% CBD and 10% CBG

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